15 Face Care Brand and Beauty Products - best for cosmetics?

Face Care Brand and Beauty Products Details, Apply Face Care Products

You will find Face Care stores throughout the world. Instead, try this Face Care products once you apply. You will be using this Face Care brand again. This is our warranty. These products were made by practical. This is our claim.

Best Face Care Brand and Beauty Products Details?

Lakme Face Magic Souffle, Marble, 

 Face Care Brand and Beauty Products - best for cosmetics?

Lakme Face Magic Souffle, Marble


by Lakme

  • Covers up spots, reduces blemishes and dark circles
  • Enriched the goodness of sunscreen, cucumber extracts, & Vitamin E.
  • Gives you radiant and glowing skin
  • Use it to flaunt flawless skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Specially crafted by experts for the Indian skin

Product description
Style name:Marble
Bought to you from the Lakme Classics range, flaunt flawless skin by using the Lakme Magic Souffle. The Lakme Magic Souffle foundation covers up spots, diminishes blemishes, dark circles and patchy skin to give you a radiant and glowing skin tone. The Lakme Magic Soufflé is a light weight, water-based foundation which is enriched with the goodness of sunscreen, cucumber extracts, and Vitamin E. The Lakme Magic Soufflé nourishes and refreshes your skin while giving you spotless radiance. You only have to apply tiny dots of the Lakmé Magic Soufflé throughout your face and neck and mix them well for desired results.Make the Lakme Magic Soufflé an integral part of the face - making regime. Buy Magic Soufflé from Lakmé today! Features and benefits: The Soufflé LakméeMagic covers spots, blemishes and dark circles, The Lakme Magic Soufflé gives you radiant and glowing skin, the Lakme Magic Soufflé nourishes your skin with sunscreen, Extracts of cucumber and vitamin E. Before choosing the shade, remember to match your natural skin tone.

Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Face Cream, Beige, 

 Face Care Brand and Beauty Products - best for cosmetics?
Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Face Cream, Beige


by Lakme
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Moisturizes
  • Conceals
  • Gives Smooth Coverage
  • Lightens Skin
  • Evens skin tone

Product description
Lakme CC cream is here to rescue women who are on the go and can use the extra minutes before they step out.This cream acts as your everyday mini skin stylist and allows you to look perfect for any occasion.It can be a job, a party or just an evening with friends, your personal stylist will help you look for everything.It's time to move to a simpler regime without skin care. The Lakme CC cream moisturizes, shines and refreshes your skin and enriches it with a hint of make - up.This cream takes care of your teeth completely with SPF 30 sun protection and make - up benefits such as even skin tone and skin coverage. When applied to a slightly duskier skin tone, the beige variant of this CC cream blends seamlessly.If you prefer only the lightest touch of make - up, this cream can also be used with other products or on its own. This travel pack is compact and easy to carry - so it's like taking your mini stylist around.The Lakme CC cream is also available in a sturdy chic package with a well - fitted rose gold cap. Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream brings you the best of both worlds: It's skincare with a touch of make - up to give you the perfect look at an instant for any occasion.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Crème, 

 Face Care Brand and Beauty Products - best for cosmetics?

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Crème


by Lakme
  • Moisturizes and nourishes
  • Provides sun protection
  • Gives radiant glowing skin
  • Gives a fairer and illuminated look
  • Lightens the skin tone
  • Evens skin tone

Product Description
Inspired by the illuminated trend, Lakme's Perfect Radiance range is now rising to a new luxury and efficiency level. In the New Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance range, the crystal's high - resolution clarity is now captured.

If you want a perfect and luminous skin, this Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Day Crème is just for you. This cream with precious micro - crystals and skin lightening vitamins gives you a fair, enlightened look.This cream melts into your skin with a silky feeling rich in moisture but so ultra light. This formula polishes your skin gently to reveal the illuminated appearance. This day cream fills your skin and moisturizes it, giving it an instant fairer glow. Its advanced skin lightening formula is infused with vitamins, to give you a radiant, flawless skin. Its smooth, rich texture is suitable for all skin types and can be added to your cosmetic kit. Its SPF 30 sunscreens protect your skin from damage to the sun. The day cream gives you a even skin surface along with bright, glowing skin. It prevents dark spots, blemishes and bursts and gives you the perfect, radiant look. Look younger and glow every day with the Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Creme- buy it now!

From the Manufacturer
Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Creme addresses the need for men and women to have a smooth and radiant skin. This is done by treating most common skin problems such as dark spots, acne, defects, excessive tanning, oiliness and dullness.This cream is ideal for use both occasionally and daily. Consistent use of this cream will eliminate most skin problems, leaving your skin clean, fair, soft and smooth.

This cream penetrates deep layers of skin that treat your skin at the roots. It controls any excess skin darkness causing melanin formation. It also contains skin lightening vitamins to enrich your skin, and your skin will be fairer with regular use.It is good for use on both oily and dry skin and has a hydrating effect on your skin. The cream also leaves on your skin a floral fragrance. As one of its ingredients, titanium dioxide also works as a sunscreen.

The Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Cream should not be in contact with your eyes, and your eyes should be properly washed with cold water in case of this. This cream is intended for external use only. This product is an excellent option for immediate whitening and long-term fading of any spots on your skin. 

Product Features
The cream comes in a 50g container. It is safe for all skin types, and suitable for men and women. It has titanium dioxide that works as sunscreen. It provides an instant whitening effect. It is safe for daily use.

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