Where do I put Highlighter on my face? Attractive and beautiful....

Make an attractive and beautiful face with Highlighter.

Where do I put Highlighter on my face? Attractive and beautiful

When you emphasize the texture of the face and beauty, highlight. However, you should know how to use highlighter. And how to use your highlighter Let's go

                              Where do I put Highlighter on my face? Attractive and beautiful          Buy

If the highlight is applied to the face after makeup, it enhances the beauty of the face by increasing its characteristics and brightness. In young women, Highlighter is popular. It is installed on the base, but it is very important to make proper use of it. Let's learn how to do it....

                                          Where do I put Highlighter on my face? Attractive and beautiful            Buy
Quite a bit

A small highlight is sufficient for the luster on the face. It's also a long time. Don't exaggerate. Take a few highlights in the brush and the part of the face on which it is applied, lightly emphasize this part with a light arm. Many women fall prey to using them, which increasingly makes the face shine. 
Choose the occasion

If you go to the program site full of daytime lights or lights. There is therefore no need to put a highlight on the face. If a party, candlelight dinner or marriage occurs at night, such as a highlight can be used. In good light, highlights also so that it is not less or more. 

Choose the right shade

Makeup is always chosen according to the color of the face skin, then the foundation or highlight. But first understand the color of your skin and choose Highlighter 's shade accordingly. There are many types of shades in Highlighter. You can select the Sewell Color Patchy Gold and Bronze Todd Highlighter. Ivory Todd Highlighter, on the other hand, likes white and medium sizes. 
Sewell Color Patchy Gold
Sewell Color Patchy Gold


Bronze Todd Highlighter
Bronze Todd Highlighter


Which part is needed

You have learned the way to apply highlighter but to focus on which parts of the face you have to pay attention also. Highlighter is always applied to the cheeks, around the eyes, near the lips and in the upper part of the nose.

Correct use of highlighter

1.Highlight the cheekbones to highlight the cheek 's highlights. Make a line from the ear to the lips and use the highlight above the ear.

2.Blind highlight right in the eye and eyebrow inner corner. From here, the eyes look lovely and beautiful.

3.If the nose is a little thin, apply the highlight to the top of the nose. Put a little emphasis on the tip of the nose so that it begins to fade.

4.Use highlighter on your lips 'top and bottom. This will show your lips completely.

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