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Nail polish is an important beauty refiner. But the little errors made during the process make this beauty disappear. How to maintain meditation, know....

All types of nail polish are available from glossy to matte finish, which helps nails look beautiful.

This time we're telling you the common errors and ways to protect them when you're involved in nail polishing, which will prove helpful to you.

Avoid the thick layer

When the color of the nail polish does not match the color of the fade or the nail paint bottle, many people wear a thick layer of Nail polish. The color looks very profitable, but it takes a long time for the Nail polish to dry. The thick layer is also afraid of thickening. Place a thin layer of baskets instead. Do the second coat after that. The color will also be good by doing so. 

Do not take to the cuticleMost women have a habit of polishing the nail to the end of the nail. Nail polish extends the spread by doing this. Bring the nail polish from the end of the cuticle to the end of the nail. Put the brush on the nipple and slightly press the brush.

Do not use old

It's not easy to throw old and favorite nail polish. But the old nail pants lose their color and become thick, which for a long time does not dry up on the nails. Even if the diluted thinner is applied, its color remains the same. For more than 1 year, try not to use any Heliopolis.

Do not take bath with hot water

After hibernation or hot water, ailments can spread after using nail polish. Nail polish is dry for at least an hour, so try to stay away for an hour from hot water or hot things.

Make a topcoat

The last coat must be made after applying nail polish. If you want to polish the nail more and finish the finish, make a topcoat. Don't forget to wear a base coat.

Do not sleep with nail polish

By settling all the work, women often use nail polish at night. Nail polish may worsen during sleep in such cases. If you want to dry and set it quickly, put nail polish and hold the nails in ice water for 3 minutes. Cold water polish helps to set up quickly. The polishing of the nail takes 1 day, i.e. 24 hours. If one coat is applied, it begins to dry in 1 hour. 


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