best toothpaste history - Orgele of Toothpaste

The right way of brushing should be known with the right paste for teeth and mouth health. Is not you going to get the wrong brushing?

best toothpaste history -  Orgele of Toothpaste

Peas on the brush as much as the peas

You have so much influence on the choice of our toothpaste and brush on television commercials that we rely on these advertisements to worry about our teeth and mouth.

People talk about toothpaste once, but keep running the brush for months. Being cautious about the specifics of the brushing and the good brushing habits can get rid of the cravings that occur in your daily routine and cures coming from the mouth. What is the role of brush for mouth health? How to ?
best toothpaste history -  Orgele of Toothpaste

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Take care of the brushing style

Brush should be an average of 2 minutes. Remember, when cleaning the upper teeth, clean it from the bottom to the top while clearing the top and bottom teeth while cleaning. Make a habit while brushing - starting from one side to the other and brush on the tongue side i.e., as well as using mouthwash and also flossing. Always buy brushes with soft bristles and change the brush every two months.
best toothpaste history -  Orgele of Toothpaste

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Use of mouthwash

Use of mouthwash is also beneficial for teeth. If you want to use mouthwash for a long time then keep in mind that mouthwash alcohol free and voter best. Long-term use of alcohol-based mouthwash affects the test buds, which seem to change the taste of food.
best toothpaste history -  Orgele of Toothpaste

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Brushing in braces

If you have a braces then brush each time after eating. First remove the remains of food trapped between braces and teeth from the soft wet brush and then brush again with puts. This will protect the teeth from the tick and the dirt of the mouth will stay away.
best toothpaste history -  Orgele of Toothpaste

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Dental Health Facts

  1. Why Cavities: After eating, its remains are changed into saliva (Saliva) acid, which causes cavities in the teeth. It gradually increases. Therefore rinse after every meal and brush with the rule in the morning and night. Many diseases seem to be from the mouth itself. Therefore, every 6 months should check your teeth.
  2. The enemy is soda and erase: Soda-based drink or soda contains phosphoric acid, whose excessive attack is directly on the layer of teeth. And it starts erosion. In the same way, excessive sweetness also produces acid in the mouth, which causes great damage to the teeth.

According to age brushing

best toothpaste history -  Orgele of Toothpaste
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best toothpaste history -  Orgele of Toothpaste
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best toothpaste history -  Orgele of Toothpaste
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Newborn also needs brushing. The newborn baby's gum should be cleaned with soft soft cloth and when the tooth comes, then use the cloth fabric at the beginning and then later clean the tooth with soft brush. A child aged 2 years of age should be brushed using low-fluoride paste. Use low-fluoride paste until the age of six years. Keep in mind that as much as the paste of peas is enough. Filling the same adult should also be avoided by using paste.

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