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It wast easy for females to work in the trade jobs, and very few did in this time, especially women of color. Irrespective of equality being unbalanced's scales, changes did occur. Women achieved all sorts of firsts in sport normally and jobs at home. What does this have to do with make-up? Well quite a bit! Women feminism was growing in power and liberation, and had an impact on the cosmetics industry and advertising. Brands began to steer to appeal to the independent woman never one to miss a trick. It'd its successes, including Revlon fragrance Charlie. The ad was the first to feature a female in pants, and has been aimed at the woman. Other companies followed suit with their very own aromas for the liberated woman. Had been ingrained into the psyche, although feminism introduced a dilemma to weathering make-up for the liberated, who want to be regarded as a sex object. This has been met by a desire from customers for more goods and that beauty is from within. The beauty sector was happy to provide products called natural, invisible or barely there. It was a sidestep, purchasing the products and allowing woman to maintain wearing make-up. Nostalgia was big, specifically for your looks and styles which were popular throughout the 1920 through to the 1950 s. At the very first 50% of the 70s, there was a 1920 revival. Films like. The Great Waldo Pepper, The Great Gatsby and the Boy Friend brought the 1920 doll such as faces with brows and eyes. Makeup brands used a 1920 inspired look in decorative adverts. The 40s has been also looked back on with fondness.

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