Top makeup sponge is best | 2019

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Top makeup sponge is best | 2019

Sponge blender is the best choice for makeup. Learn how to use it -

How To Use - Before using the sponge, soak it in water for some time. Squeeze it well. But also keep in mind that when the powder is ripe makeup, then use dry sponge. If you are using wet cosmetic such as Liquid Foundation, Concealer, etc. use wet sponge.

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Do not rubbing, rubbing - Do not rub the sponge on the face while blending the foundation, but it gets paused. This will spread the foundation equally. Rubbing will make patches in make-up.

Understand the shape - Make-up sponge is thicker than anywhere and slim from somewhere. The thicker part is used for cheeks, foreheads etc. and the diluted part is for nose and eyes.
Put on the sponge - put any cosmetic on the sponge instead of putting it on the face. If you are installing the foundation then put a drop on the sponge and then bland it on the face.

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