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Men will make these make-up, make-up to be normal for men?

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Men in Makeup

Recently men's cosmetic collection has been launched. In the collection four shades have been launched Tinted Fluid, Matt
Merchandising Lip Balm and four Shades Eyebrows Pencils. Apart from this, men's skin care and grooming products have also been launched.

Launched Men's Products

Almost fifteen years ago, men's make-up range was launched, in which illuminating moisturizer, bronzing powder, lip gloss, nail varnish, brow-lash Grumman, concealer and eyeliner. Marketing was also done at a large level to show it different from the female line. But in a few days they disappeared from the shelf. It was estimated that the Gothic did this time long enough to fail.

'Gaylainers' and 'Menskara'

Men's boom is now in luxury grooming and skin care products, and this is the reason why people who already use premium skin care products are not feeling too hesitant to take the concealer, foundation and the bronzed. Men can now be seen taking color crating pallets, Concealer, CC creams, Eyeliners, Mascara and Mineral Bronzes on cosmetic counters.

In ancient times, they used to do make-up too.

In ancient Egypt, rulers like Alexander the Great used to make make-up on the eye and cheeks. Artists like Kiss, Keith, Richards and Boy George brought makeup into fashion in the 20th century. Ancient Egyptians did not lack any makeup. They used to protect their skin through makeup. Eye makeup was used to protect the delicate skin under the eyes. There was also a way to keep these flies away. Protect the eye makeup from the sun's rays too. In the 17th century, the white bass was timeshare on the face.

Men make the most of these make-up products

1. Concealer - Aiken, Pimples and Dark Circles are covered. Men are now using considers a lot. That's why Tom Ford recently launched Men's Concealer.
Men make the most of these make-up products
Lakme Absolute White Intense SPF 20 Concealer Stick


2. Foundation - Make skin tone smooth. Stains - Stains and Blames hide. Sunscreen is also found in some foundations. It is very important for the foundation to match the skin tone. Companies are also making the foundation for men too. MMUK man also has Liquid and Mineral Matt Foundation for men.
Men make the most of these make-up products
Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash


3. Bronzes - 
Men make the most of these make-up products
Clinique Men Face 


Gives glow to the skin and acquires some parts. Bronzes. Some people use it to get a tan look. Kiln has launched the Bronzes for Men.

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