How my glowing skin healthy in summer? - topbeauty

Natural warming skin in summer will keep

Refreshing skin should be fresh or oily skin must have maturity, a fresh aromatic spray should always be in your bag. The main ingredient in the market is the main ingredient floor water, which is sourcing for sunburn or dry skin. For other skin problems, your face can be prepared at home.

1. Rose and Cardamom  

How my glowing skin healthy in summer? -  topbeauty

How my glowing skin healthy in summer? -  topbeauty
How my glowing skin healthy in summer? -  topbeauty

Gulab has a cooling, nourcing and anti-inflammatory properties which makes sudings for every kind of skin. Tan and Dehydrate Skin, or Acne Prone Dul Skin, works like a rose petal tonic and its scent keeps the mind calm.

Method of making - One cup of Indian rose leaves washed and dry. They have to stay in 100 mL of water overnight. Add some cardamom powder in this water and fill the solution in the glass spray bottle the next day.

2. Rice Water Mist  

Rice Water Mist

The first choice of Chinese and Japanese women. Rice water is a natural butothing ingredient with vitamins and minerals. It tone the tone and gives glow.How to make - Take a cup of raw organic rice, take three cups of pure digestal water, wash raw rice with tap water and mix it with a little hot digestal water and keep it aside for 30 minutes. Beating - Moving in the middle When the water is blurred, it is to filter and separate the rice. This water is to be filled in glass spray bottle and stored in the fridge.

3. Coconut Water Mist  

Coconut Water Mist

Fresh coconut water is very beneficial for skin skins. It hydrate the skin, detoxify, removes echings.
Method of making - half a cup of water in half cup of coconut water and water in the bottle and mix it in the fridge. Mist is ready.

4. salt and water purifying face mist 

salt and water purifying face mist

It is a powerful mist for Aiken Pron skin. Put 200 ml of water in two spoons of salt and store it in a spray bottle. Have to keep for a while in the fridge for cooling. Mist is ready.

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