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Facial care 2019

Facial care 2019 - topbeauty

Mother becomes so busy in taking care of the child. That also forgets to take care of yourself. Some quick home remedies are also effective in your supervision. Let's know ......

For the first few months before and after the birth of the baby, it is not possible to take time to decorate the mother-up and take care of herself. As well as giving time to the child, Mao should also be removed for himself for some time. It should also take care of your face, hands and feet, in which you have always kept the tune-up.

Take some preparation

It is very difficult to take time to take care of Mao separately. So, when the time comes, take a little bit of preparation.

As dust is making lentil pulse, grind a cup of pulse until it is cooked. Squeeze the lemon and pour its juice. It can be used when needed. Instead of throwing oranges, keep drying in the balcony rather than throwing it. This will be helpful in creating all the packs.

Care with work

1. To keep the face clean, clean the face soak the cottony in raw milk and soak it. Can do 2-3 times in a week.

2. If the almond is soaking in the night, then at this time, grind the pulp of gram kept in the granary cup. On the next day, add 1/2 pinch of turmeric and lemon 4-5 bags to the face. Wash with cold water after 10-15 minutes. You can use 2-3 times a week to get time.

3. In the same night, 1 small bowl of pc Masoor Dal, 2 -3 soak almonds. Next day, grind the orange peel, lentil pulse, almonds, and grind them fine. Make this pack and use it for 1 week. When you got some time during work in the kitchen, put it on the face. Wash with water after 10 minutes.

4. When the time is available in the kitchen, put the same standing-peeled gram flour, turmeric, cream and put on face and hands. This will make the skin soft and not have to take time aside.

5. These measures can be done on-the-go at anytime. Remove the cream in the bowl. Remove the cream on the face. Put the cream on the face and put lemon juice on top of it. After some time, remove from cotton and remove it. Frozen dust and dirt will be removed from it. It will be enough to do this once in a week.

 6. Make powder of chutney etc. Wash and grind 10 -20 mint husbands and grind them. Grind a cooked tomato and mix it with leaves. Put this paste under the eyes. After 10 -20 mint, wash with cold water. Can keep this pack up and running. Use 2 times a week.

7. If you do not have time for scrubbing, mix curd in PC lentil pulse while roasting. Turn 5 -7 times on face. Masoor lentils are very good for scribbles.

8. It is difficult to shampoo everyday. Therefore, to remove dirt deeply in Balo, wash the hair whenever it is washed just 5 minutes before it is curded in a bowl. There will be no problems of Russian etc.

9. Massage the hands and feet of olive oil or any moisturizer in the time of child's sleep. This will keep moisture in the skin.

10. Apply sesame oil at bedtime. This will keep the skin clean and glow.

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