Is the best oil for skin? Know

Is the best oil for skin? Know

Is the best oil for skin?

                      Is the best oil for skin? Know

For centuries, natural oils such as coconut oil, shea butter oil, and olive oil have been used for skin care and hair care. Generation after generation, they have been praised for different moisturizing, protective, and antibacterial qualities. These deceptively simple substances have often been overlooked with the growth of modern cosmetic and wellness industries, but over the past decade they have had a little resurgence in the public eye as people strive to find additive-free, affordable, and effective products.

Coconut Oil

                        Is the best oil for skin? Know
Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin and its antifungal and antibacterial properties are known to have many health benefits, including vitamins E and K. The one major exception? Coconut oil is likely to cause breakouts along with cocoa butter. "Coconut oil is a great option for almost everyone in general, except if you have oily skin and are prone to acne, I wouldn't use it on the face," says Katta. Researchers found that coconut oil was better than olive oil at moisturizing skin when used in a carrier in a study published in the journal Dermatitis.For your face or skin care, remember to look for cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil.

                          Is the best oil for skin? Know
Daana's coconut oil provides you with the power of MCTs, immune boosters and compounds found in coconuts, an easy way to boost your skin and hair regime. We don't supply our coconuts from large-scale farms where every day machines pop thousands of coconuts off the trees. Instead, we work with small and marginal farmers who pick coconuts from their family-owned farms, where they have naturally grown coconuts for generations. They grow traditional, local climate-friendly varieties using sustainable farming methods to conserve rainwater and promote local biodiversity. Using our rotary extraction method, these fresh coconuts are then cold-pressed to preserve antioxidants, MCTs and all other nutrients that nourish your skin inside and outside. Organic certified to USDA standards. 

Skinmate shark oil


                            Is the best oil for skin? Know

Product description 

Helps remove dead skin, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and wrinkles May assist kill warts Inhibits melanin, the pigment responsible for darkening of the skin Helps right burnt skin induced by prior treatments.


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