How to Apply guide a perfect makeup - MAKEUP BASE

how to apply guide a perfect makeup

How to Apply guide a perfect makeup - MAKEUP BASE

The base is the most important part of any appearance of makeup. A flawless base is everything any woman can ask for, after all, on a strong foundation you need to build your makeup. With a number of products created solely for the purpose of achieving a perfect base, it may become confusing to first understand which product is going on to your skin.The devil is in the details and the only way to get a smooth and flawless base like a pro is to lay these products in the right order. To clear all doubts, with this informative guide, we'll give you the low-down on how to master the art of a flawless makeup base. 

How to Apply guide a perfect makeup - MAKEUP BASE


Always make sure that your skin is clean and cared for by cleaning, toning and moisturizing before you start your makeup routine

Prep up

Next, apply your face with a primer. A primer will ensure that your skin is smooth and ready to make up. There are a number of primers on the market offering additional benefits such as blurring imperfections, lighting glow, etc. 

The colour wheel

Time to correct your skin's color. Color correction should always be done before applying for the foundation. This makes the application of the foundation evener and more flawless. 

How to Apply guide a perfect makeup - MAKEUP BASE

Lay the foundation

Choose a foundation that matches your skin type and skin color and use a damp makeup blender to apply it across your face. Thanks to the color correction done and the priming, your foundation application will look even and smooth. 

How to Apply guide a perfect makeup - MAKEUP BASE


Using concealer is the final step. Choose a concealer in the shade closest to your skin tone after application of the foundation and dab it over your area under the eye and any other defects or discolouration. 

Set it up

Set your base, preferably translucent, with a loose powder. This is a crucial step for oily skin types in particular. However, don't overdo it. Just dab some powder over areas like the T-zone, upper lip, and chin that tend to get oily. 

Spritz of magic

Would you like to keep that base strong all day? After you have finished applying the rest of your makeup to your lips, eyes, cheeks and contour, spray for a long-lasting, fresh make-up look on a make-up fixing spray. 

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