How can I keep my face fresh while traveling?


How can I keep my face fresh while traveling?

On the style of fly beauty 

Caitlin Larwood, editorial director of the USA-owned magazine, understands one or two things about looking great on the highway, with company journeys under her belt to San Fran, Paris and LA. Charlotte Steinway spoke to the beauty buff from New York about packaging products, the effortless European style and her favourite locations to be pampered

What kind of workplaces are you traveling to? 

How can I keep my face fresh while traveling?

Los Angeles and San Francisco are currently in operation. It was Paris during my last work[ as L'Oréal Corporate Communications Manager]. Now we're visiting San Francisco to know about innovation and technology, and L.A., what's coming up. The bulk of the team is based there for photo and video shoots.

How would you say California's beauty is different from New York's? 

First and foremost, San Francisco and L.A. They're distinct that way. I see a much more natural look in San Francisco, plus many organic products. I'll see more elaborate eye shadow and complex looks in L.A. that take longer to generate. We tend to wear all black in New York, so the makeup tends to be as standardized as the fashion — it's more conservative than what I saw in L.A., where they don't fear using color. 

What's going on in Paris? 

There's very elegant beauty. There is not much color experimentation: the females there always look professional, even if they are outside the workplace. It's very easy at the foundation of the look — and they have that iconic smooth, glowing skin in Europe, of course. 

Can you define a destination that inspired you with beauty? 

Milan. Italian beauty is extraordinarily distinctive: at the same moment it is very advanced and easy, but above all it is so elegant. A couple of years ago I lived in Milan for five months, but to this day the exposure I received there still inspires me.When I think of a typical Milanese lady, she likely gets off her Vespa wearing all black, with lovely radiant skin as you never saw before. Make-up-wise, she likely has a light eye plus a color pop on her lip or cheek. {"I'm really trying to minimize what I'm bringing with me and just stick to the bare essentials when it comes to travel."}

Have there been any brands you found that you now enjoy in Milan? 

One European brand I hope they sold here is Roger & Gallet: their soaps are amazing, and in today's globe where perfume is such a saturated market, they're really bringing it back to basics — their favourite scent is just a easy rose. 

What are some of New York's favourite indulgences of beauty? 
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