How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally | HEALTH

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally | HEALTH

The brightness and health of the face

With the rest of the body, yoga can also be overcome with all the problems of the face. Some yoga is such that is very different from the commonly used yoga like Faciali Yoga.

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally | HEALTH
What is Facial Yoga?

What is Facial Yoga?

This is an effective technique that makes the face fresh by using 32 distinct facial expressions (facial expressions). Its every expression is of a mint. It takes effect in 20 weeks. Regularizing this increases the communication between the facial muscles and the skin. It gives beautiful and healthy skin.

1. Eyebrows health

             The brightness and health of the face

The thumb of the right thumb rests on the upper and upper part of the right eyebrow. Similarly, the left hand thumb and finger should be kept on the eyebrow. Keep them on the big part of the two eyebrows. Pushing the thumb and finger from the corner to the other corner, follow the instructions shown in the picture. Like this, pressing back to the earlier state. Repeat this at least 20 times.

2. Make 'V' shape

Make 'V' shape

Keep the largest (middle) fingers of both hands in between the two eyebrows. Now press this part, keeping both index finger fingers on the outer corner of the bhanah. Seeing the ceiling and turning the eyes of the eyes up and down. Do this procedure six times and then bring the eyes closed to normal position for ten seconds.

3. Relax the brain

Sit straight down Increase the inside of the face and keep it inside. It has to be pressed so nose and The line falling between the lips will become flat. Head Dai and rotate in this condition. Then bringing in the middle Bai and rotate Repeat it 20 times. This will reduce the line between the nose and the lips and ease the brain.

4. Frontal Flat

Frontal Flat

Place the four fingers of both hands on the forehead as shown in the picture. Keep the junior finger between the eyes and the fringe and place the index finger on the upper part of the forehead. Press the forehead with fingers Doing it, raise both the hooves and then bring them down. Make it 20 times.

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