What is the use of lipstick? lipsticks edible.

What is the use of lipstick? lipsticks edible.
YSL Just dropped a collection of Zoë Kravitz lipsticks and we couldn't be more excited
Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that apply color, ... Lipsticks with shimmering effects were initially made using a pearlescent substance found in fish scales. Women in the Minoan civilization

Edible beauty products are a fairly new concept in the cosmetics world, but one that should've been there from the beginning. Don't let the name mislead you:

What is the use of lipstick lipsticks edible.

YSL Beauty is known for its French-girl lipsticks that have us swooning throughout the year, but if you're searching for a fall lippie refresh, we've got news for you, kid. Together with one of their very own faces, Zoë Kravitz, YSL just dropped six fresh Rouge Pur Couture lip shades and you can now get your hands on these extremely covetable lipsticks on TOPBEAUTY.IN.

Since 2016, Kravitz has served as a YSL Beauty Ambassador, making the collection a natural fit, and the colors are named after the loved ones of Kravitz and come in three finishes: satin, matte and shimmer. There are two reds in the collection, Wolf's Red, a daring classic red satin lip color and Scout's Red, (named after her dog!) a bright orange-red with a matte finish.The stand-out nude in the row has a brown finish with gray undertones, coined by Maris ' Nude after her grandma. Then there are Honey's Nude, Arlene's Nude and Lale's Red (after Lisa Bonet), which follow suit in the colors of purple, wine and burgundy. The private collection also involves the signature black glitter packaging from Kravitz (the same as YSL Opium) and captures her grungy chic style seriously.

The collection of YSL x Zoë Kravitz lip is an exclusive and limited edition online, so you'll want to get it while it's warm. About Kravitz's own tale behind the line, and prepare to give your fall lip routine a big, edgy refresh.

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