Beauty Q&A: How do I use Lash Extensions with Liquid Eyeliner?

Beauty Q&A: How do I use Lash Extensions with Liquid Eyeliner? 

How do I use Lash Extensions with Liquid Eyeliner

Cat-eye enthusiasts know the importance of liquid eyeliner in the makeup routine of one. If you identify with this feeling, then you'll likely always have at least five liquid liners in your makeup collection, and it's component of your routine that you just hate going out. If you also have eyelash extensions, you may find your life especially challenging and perhaps even chaotic.Because nothing worse than destroying your costly extensions, we have reached out for advice to lash Skyy Hadley specialist and some of our favourite beauty influencers.

Makeup Tip #1: Do not use waterproof liners

How do I use Lash Extensions with Liquid Eyeliner?

"No waterproof fluid eyeliner is the first rule," IWANKA claims. "Smudge-proof and budge-proof eye makeup for lash extensions is usually poor news. This involves liquid liner that is water-resistant or water-proof. A liquid liner may seem innocent enough, but its long-wearing formula will involve rubbing or touching your palms constantly to remove it, all of which will shorten your extensions. "Rather, she indicates using a powder liner or an oil-free formula. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is our oil-free formula of choice.

Makeup Tip # 2: More is less

"It is essential to remember that less is more when wearing lash extensions! Wearers should be cautious when using eyeliner to avoid long-lasting formulas, which may involve more rubbing when removing them, because if improperly removed it may cause buildup around the lashes," describes Ashley Hall.

Makeup Tip # 3: Apply Smoothly

How do I use Lash Extensions with Liquid Eyeliner

"Be cautious not to rub too hard against lashes on the eyeliner, or they may loosen and drop out," suggests Julia Salvia. Use a formula that glides readily, like IT Cosmetics Superhero Liner, without pushing too hard.

Makeup Tip # 4: Don't tug your eye

"Try to break that habit ASAP if you're used to pulling your eyelid to put on eyeliner," suggests Miranda Mendelson. "Sure that you're applying the liner around the extensions and not through them, and remember that you may not need as much as you're used to because the extensions will produce the illusion of a darker lash line."

Makeup Tip # 5: Consider replacing Eyeliner with Eyeshadow

How do I use Lash Extensions with Liquid Eyeliner

"When wearing lash extensions, I would suggest using an eyeshadow to line the eye instead of a traditional eyeliner," suggests Madison Murrell. "Before using the shadow to create the product stick longer to the lash row. It is more difficult to remove a gel or liquid liner than an eyeshadow. Swipping back and forth to remove the lash line will cause friction on the lash extension, causing them to fall off. One easy swipe and the eyeshadow you used in place of the liner will be gone, and more lashes will be left to you!"Heidi Guttenberg agrees:" This is a excellent option and it can look almost the same as any other eyeliner if taken with a super pigmented item.

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