karwa chauth makeup

Karwa Chauth wants a special look? Be ready so that you can not lose sight

 karwa chauth makeup

Karva Chauth

 karwa chauth makeup


DescriptionKarva Chauth is a one-day festival celebrated by Hindu women from some regions of India, especially northern India, four days after purnima in the month of Kartika. Dates differ according to the Gregorian calendar which is tabular and are not based on constellations. 

Observances: Fasting by married women Trending

Celebrations: Entire dayDate: Thursday, October 17, 2019
Type of holiday: Hindu Holiday, Religious holiday, Religious celebration
If you also want to look beautiful on Karva Chauth, then try these makeup tips of Bollywood actresses who are in trend.

Featured in religions: Hinduism

On Karva Chauth, women dress up like a new bride. Whether the first Karva Chauth or the tenth after marriage, on this day, women are full of passion. If you also want to look beautiful on Karva Chauth, then try these makeup tips of actresses who are in trend. Believe you will look so glamorous that your husband's eyes will not be removed from you.

 karwa chauth makeup

This time at Karwa Chauth, not only women but men are also doing makeovers

 karwa chauth makeup

If there is a chance of Karva Chauth, then it is easy for women to decorate, but now men too are no less. Men are also getting their makeovers done to look good in the pictures of Karva Chauth being posted on social media.

Till now Karwa Chauth was seen only in Ladies Beauty Parlors. Booking for complete beauty package started taking place several days in advance and a few days ago a time slot was available in the beauty parlor across the city with great difficulty. But now this situation is not only of beauty parlors but also of Gent's Salon and the increasing craze of social media is coming as a big reason for this change.

When it comes to sharing photos on social media, from engagement to honeymoon, today's young couples do not waste their time at all. In such a situation, the first Karva Chauth is like a big deal for them. The pressure of looking perfect is not only on women but also on their husbands. And there is evidence of this, Delhi-NCR's Men's Salons where young husbands are crowding for grooming. A large number of these are also those newly married men. Newly married men are booking a large number of grooming sessions for Karva Chauth's perfect picture. This is the reason why many Salons are also offering special packages for men.

I have to look the best for my wife

 karwa chauth makeup

Rohan Kapoor, a resident of Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, who is married this year, has booked his appointment in a grooming salon. Rohan says, 'My wife has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. He would post all the pictures of both of us on social media, so it is very important that I look good in all the pictures. I have more pressure for Karva Chauth because the wife is going to look the best that day, so I will have to match her as well.

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